Posted by: Gregg | July 12, 2006

Stitching and bitching.

Arm your TiVos, gang: the new season of the best reality television show that’s not The Amazing Race starts up again tonight.

Reasons, if you need them, to tune into Project Runway on Bravo:

1.) The amazingly lifelike host, Heidi Klum. She’s beautiful to look at but is easily the worst host on television: she routinely butchers her lines and you can actually tell when the cameras have to cut away from her to hide the fact that she has to re-dub many of her lines.

2.) The professor of the Parson’s School of Design in New York, where the show is based, Tim Gunn. Think of a well-dressed gay New York fashionista Dumbledore and you’d have Gunn. He serves as a co-host and mentor to the fashion designers on the show and always knows when to compliment someone and when to pull them aside to let them know when a project isn’t working. His trademark comment to the contestants, “make it work,” is something I use daily at my job.

3.) The contestants. This is not a reality show where people sing karaoke or eat Polynesian Hissing Cockroaches or juggle bowling pins for David Hasselhoff. These people are fashion designers, good ones, and it’s fascinating to watch their creative processes at work, how they deal with time constraints, procrastination, the search for inspiration, and of course, bitchy models who show up late. It’s amazingly watchable and a lot of fun.

The only warning sign is that this season, season three, has begun quicker than previous seasons – last season ended just a few months ago. I’m hoping they’re not rushing this into production. I’d hate to see a fall in quality. But when it comes to Runway, it’s gold until proven otherwise.



  1. Arrived here via Josh the Goblin’s blog… and glad I did! I had no idea this was starting up again already. It’s one of the only shows I go way out of my way to watch regularly. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. There’s so few good shows on television this summer, I just had to spread the word.

    You’re from NEKLS? Good to meet you – be sure to say hi to my old pal Mickey for me. We worked together (with Josh, oddly enough) back in the retail bookstore days. He came to my library just last month for an excellent presentation on what libraries can learn from the bookstore model. Great stuff.

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