Posted by: Gregg | July 25, 2006

Already warming up the TiVo:

A list of premiere dates of television shows I’ll be watching for the fall season.

House, MD. Tuesdays, FOX. Premiere: 9/5.

Family Guy. Sundays, FOX. Premiere: 9/10.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Mondays, NBC. Premiere: 9/18.

Nip/Tuck. Tuesdays, F/X Channel. Premiere: 9/19.

America’s Next Top Model. Wednesdays, CW. Premiere: 9/20.

Grey’s Anatomy. Thursdays, ABC. Premiere: 9/21.

Heroes. Mondays, NBC. Premiere: 9/25.

Smallville. Thursdays, CW. Premiere: 9/28.

Veronica Mars. Tuesdays, CW. Premiere: 10/3.

Lost. Wednesdays, ABC. Premiere: 10/4.

Battlestar Galactica. Fridays, Sci-Fi Channel. Premiere: 10/6.

The Amazing Race. CBS. Premiere: Sometime in February.

Survivor. CBS. Premiere: Sometime in February.

That’s not counting all the other new shows I’ll invariably be sucked into, plus other regular shows of mine that I’ve forgtten. And grad school. Yes, I will have absolutely no time this fall.


  1. I thought about trying to record the eps of Lost until I could check Season 2 out from the library (you wouldn’t happen to be able to help with that, you know, get me to the top of the list…? Just kidding. Unless you can.) and then ‘catch up.’ Because I think that’s a show where you really can’t miss an episode. I tried to jump into Season 2 after I checked out Season 1 and it was a no-go.

    I will be watching House and hopefully continuing to watch Psyche. *sigh* If I remember.

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