Posted by: Gregg | August 10, 2006

Going to be paying for this one.

I’m back.

And I’m horribly jetlagged. It’s midnight as I write this. I have to get up and go to work in six hours after a perfectly brutal travel day where I stuffed my body full of sugar and caffeine from hideously overpriced airport lunch counters. Meanwhile, my body thinks it’s 8:00pm and has no idea the punishment it will receive at work tomorrow.

It was a fabulous vacation, gang. We went to the Hawaiian island of Kauai and snorkeled ourselves silly, and I have the impressively scarlet sunburn on my back to prove it. We saw the amazing Na Pali coastline, sailed on a catamaran and saw dolphins, and attended a traditional Hawaiian luau. (I’m assuming it was traditional. All ancient islanders drank Mai Tais as part of their ceremonies, right?)

Any reports that I dressed up as a large Samoan woman during my vacation are, of course, false.

(Well, okay, it may have been me, but I was really drunk and don’t remember much.)



    damn, what i wouldn’t give to punch a hollywood star in the face! 😉

  2. (While we’re on the subject of celebrities who need to be punched, can you believe that I missed the entire Mel Gibson thing? I really wanted to stay away from newspapers, cable news, and the internet while I was away. I come back yesterday and find out that Mel made a complete ass of himself and I missed out on an entire week’s worth of ‘sugar tits’ jokes. Just my luck.)

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