Posted by: Gregg | August 24, 2006

What I’ll be doing this weekend:

My good friend Josh asked an excellent question a post or two down about what classes I’m taking at Emporia State this semester. The lineup:

LI 513XA: Technology Skills for Graduate Students. One credit hour. This is a strictly online class that makes sure we know the finer points of how to use Blackboard, Emporia State’s online thingy we use to download assignments, submit papers, get lectures and the syllabus from the instructors, and communicate with other students. There will be some PowerPoint and basic web design here as well.

LI 801: Foundations of Information Transfer. Two credit hours. First class out of the box and the one I’ll be going to this weekend. This focuses on what it means to be a librarian; the social history, responsibility, and ethics of the profession, as well as current trends.

LI 803XR: Information Transfer and the Knowledge Society. Two credit hours. Thankfully, this class takes place in Overland Park so I won’t have to schlep down to Emporia. Something called the information transfer cycle will be discussed, and I get the feeling it isn’t referring to your local library’s book drop. Also: theories, models, and strategies of knowledge creation.


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