Posted by: Gregg | August 26, 2006

And what were YOU doing at 7:58am on Saturday morning?

Me? I’m on the third floor of Visser Hall on the campus of Emporia State, waiting for my class to begin at nine, enjoying the nice juicy wireless access the school has provided for me. And enjoying this fabulous article on class warfare in the television show Veronica Mars. If you’re not a fan of this show, you should be, and DVD sets of the first season are available, so no excuses.

School’s going good thus far. Everybody in my class seems nice and there’s lots of people from different backgrounds and with different interests, but we’re all excited to be librarians. Ask me later, though, as today’s the all-day slog. I’m totally going to have to find a bar after this.


  1. Hope the weekend went well! The intensive format can be.. intense. Are you reading anything great for class?

  2. Actually, the weekend turned out to be more about equipping us with the tools to do well with the program as opposed to just dumping lots of information on us, which was nice. The articles assigned emphasized professional organizations and how librarianship has changed over time. There’s tons more, plus the textbook, but they took it easy on us the first weekend.

    We also had a visit from Bill Crowe, head honcho over at KU’s Spencer Library. Spoke to us for about an hour about how he got started and what the new generation might face as we’re starting off in our careers. Excellent speaker – really neat guy.

  3. Details, Gregg, we want details! What are you reading?

    (oh sorry…i’m working on being less demanding 😉

    Honestly, I would love to see your 801 reading list, and what you loved/hated about 801. I was sitting in SLIM’s 801 class ten (yeah…count ’em ten) years ago…and really so much of what I read is just now coming to pass.


  4. The prof’s reading list is pretty substantial: just the list of articles on reserve goes a full two pages on the syllabus. The majority of them were written after 2000, though, so it’s all fairly up-to-date. I’ll have to show it to you next time at a WIG meeting or something.

    I had no idea you were an Emporia grad! I’ll have to grill you on the good places to eat in town.

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