Posted by: Gregg | August 31, 2006

My man Keith.

I catch Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” whenever I can. Sometimes I’m either working or busy when his show comes on, and in this day and age there are times when I can’t take an entire hour of news, even with the funny parts thrown in. But there are times, especially when doing political commentary, that “Countdown” isn’t only informative and entertaining, but also transcendent.

I was lucky enough to catch this live the other night. Go see and be inspired, courtesy of Crooks & Liars.



  1. Olbermann’s bit sent chills down my spine. It was really amazing.

    The mainstream media and the administration will probably do their best to ignore what Olbermann said. But it seems to be scooting around the interweb and people are paying attention.

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