Posted by: Gregg | September 25, 2006

September 23-30: Banned Books Week.

To celebrate, I’ll be reading some of the books banned from the Blue Valley School District here in Johnson County, Kansas. I’m making my choices from this list of books that the parents objected to, which thay have rated for sex, violence, and other ‘adult’ content.

Check out this Google page that has links to famous banned books, as well as the page from the American Library Association.


  1. I can’t believe how many of those I’ve read – and I didn’t see anything ‘wrong’ with them! Of course, by the time I was 10 I was reading Stephen King…

    I’ve heard some of those BV parents talk – they are completely unreasonable and irrational about why they don’t want their kids reading some of those. Sure, there are some books kids shouldn’t read, but it’s unhealthy to not expose them to the real world. And NONE of those books have anything in them that Prime Time TV doesn’t, and parents don’t seem to have a problem letting the TV babysit their kids…

  2. i support banning ‘chicken soup for the soul at work’ from all high schools, universities and workplaces.

  3. i can’t tell you how unbelievably sad that list makes me every time i see it. one of the compilers of the blue valley list said that her son was given beowulf to read in lieu of a book she disapproved of, and was angry that her son was being forced to read something “so exceptionally long and written in old english.”

    yes. how sad is that? people who obviously don’t know dick about books are the ones making the list.

    old english. idiots. *sigh*

  4. What puzzles me about the whole thing is that parents who are behind all this probably think nothing of letting their kids rent the “Saw” movies at Blockbuster.

    Through these books, kids can get thoughtful, well-written exposures to different point of view – different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Reading puts them in another person’s shoes for a while, and to be honest, it might be just what those kids need in their lives.

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