Posted by: Gregg | October 6, 2006

Do not meddle in the affairs of librarians, for they are subtle and quick to anger…

Down the road from Kansas City is the hip little burg of Lawrence, Kansas, home of Kansas University and about as bohemian a town as you’re going to find in this part of the Midwest. One of the people I work with is a resident and forwarded me this op-ed piece from the local rag, the Lawrence Journal-World, written by a citizen who wonders why the city should spend millions of dollars on a new library when we have the internet that does everything a library does, but better.

This issue is right in my wheelhouse as a first-semester MLS student, and I was all ready to sit down to write a scathing rebuke to the op-ed, but after browsing the comments section of the article, I discovered that other librarians had already done that for me, including Michael Stevens from Tame the Web, the Librarian in Black, and even my buddy the Goblin in the Library, who all make their points far more eloquently than I ever could.

The article was even picked up by Fark with the “Dumbass” tag attached.


  1. Holy Great Minds, Batman! I just blogged about this, too!

  2. Jinx!

  3. I just wandered back from the library where I *GASP* checked out a book! Imagine, using a library for such a thing!

    I lovelovelovelovelovelove my library.

    People are stupid. :/ They also don’t comprehend the costs of construction these days. I’ve been to the Lawrence library (having lived there for 5 years) and yes, they DO need a new building.

  4. Oh, also, I forgot to mention that I hate reading for long periods off of a computer monitor. I can’t believe the number of people that say they prefer it.

    It’s much harder on your eyes than ink on paper. Mine, at least, pull and hurt terribly after awhile.

  5. To be honest, stuff like this is our fault. We as librarians need to make ourselves essential to the public – we need to get out the word of the kinds of things we offer beyond the stereotype of shushing. We’re hip! Cool, even!

  6. This guy had a bad experience at a library would be my bet.

    It has all the earmarks of vengeful idiocy. Political agenda gone awry. I can see being against the cost of the library, that makes sense on a certain level. But to instead lash out on the viability of the library is absurd.

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