Posted by: Gregg | October 12, 2006

I hate to admit it, but…

Lost is losing me. Seriously. The tiny nonsensical crumbs of information they give out week after week is wearing me down. No one ever asks direct questions on this show and certainly no one ever answers any. And after two seasons of sticking with this show despite being jerked around the entire time, I’m in no mood to hunt down theories posted on message boards and play online games to flush out what’s Really Going On. The excellent writing and characters are pretty much the reason why I’m still watching. (Granted, last night’s episode with Jack watching the Red Sox win the World Series was brilliant, but still.)

The bloom is off the rose. Lost is on my “On Notice” board. Whatever you want to call it. I’m just frustrated. This show has a very limited shelf life and with an excellent TV fall season ahead, I can easily bump Lost and catch up with it when the DVD collection comes out and enjoy my Saywer quips and Hurley non sequiturs and Jack angst and Kate hotness without worrying how to puzzle the damn thing out week by week.


  1. “No one ever asks direct questions on this show and certainly no one ever answers any.” I think that was addressed in the most recent episode when Jack says to Ben, “You can tell me whatever you want to right now,” and Ben replies, “You’re right. I’m telling you as much as I want to.”

    At any rate, I’m still digging the heck out of the show.

  2. I felt like that after I finished watching the first season on DVD. Then I tried to sort of ‘catch up’ to season 2 (it was about mid-season at this point) and just didn’t feel like expending the energy.

    Sadly, I’m getting that feeling about Heroes, too (I didn’t see this week’s episode yet, I’m catching it on Sci-Fi tomorrow, so it has ONE LAST CHANCE to impress me).

    Maybe I’m lazy, but TV shouldn’t be that much work unless I’m actually learning something (a la the History Channel).

  3. Thank God for Netflix, definitely.

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