Posted by: Gregg | October 16, 2006

So how’d your weekend go?

Went to the Weston Irish Music Festival on Saturday, which was essentially an excuse to sit in a uncomfortable lawnchair next to fifteen hundred people and squint into the sun and dodge cigarette and cigar smoke. Despite all that, the music was good, and the alcohol was almost better. I wore a blue sweater and jeans, but most people were a bit more bold in their fashion choices and wore Irish-themed outfits, the majority of which were two steps removed from something you’d see at the Renaissance Fair. I’ve never seen so many women wear knee-high soft leather boots in my life.

Also Sunday night was the Flavor of Love 2 finale, which was so brilliant on so many levels only future generations will have the technology capable of accurately measuring it. The only thing that could possibly be better is the FOL2 reunion show, which VH1 is cruelly making us wait two entire weeks for. Bastards. Especially since teasers show one of the contestants (Buckwild?) during one of the (probably many) on-stage riots hurling a sneaker at New York, who will be soon be starring in her own dating show modelled after the Bachelorette. Whoever the creative force is behind these shows will no doubt receive the Nobel Prize for their efforts in television at some point.

I’d post book reviews, but my 801 issues paper that is due this weekend is currently kicking me in the ass, so I’m going to have to get to it. Light posting until then.



  1. If you’re not reading Pop Goes the Library, I recommend it to you. There was a post recently about Flavor of Love.

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