Posted by: Gregg | October 21, 2006


Mega-huge paper about how libraries can effectively use social networking websites (and adding in a few shots against poopyhead legislation like DOPA) – done! I will now collapse dramatically into the nearest fainting couch and await a servant to bring me a mint julep. Or something.

I’ve been reading a ton of young adult fiction recently, as I feel I’m particularly weak in that section of my reading history and sort of skipped it the first time around anyway. When I was a young ‘un, I went straight from Encyclopedia Brown and the Hobbit to Stephen King and Dean Koontz, which probably explains a lot about me. So reading these coming-of-age novels now that I’m in my thirties is an fun experience, and I get to revisit all those awkward moments without the complete humiliation of actually going through them again. Good times all around.

If you haven’t been watching the sublime Veronica Mars, this season she got a job working the night shift at the reference desk at her college library. She’s solving cases AND finding multiple references for term papers!


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