Posted by: Gregg | October 29, 2006


Normally I would congratulate the St. Louis Cardinals in this space, but I’m a Royals fan from way back and am old enough to vividly remember the 1985 World Series.

Thus, my hatred of the Cards is reflexive and unforgiving and I would sooner shove a salad fork in my ear than congratulate them on anything.

I take solace in the fact that since two midwestern teams played each other in this year’s Series, no one outside of the midwest and a handful of expatriate sportswriters on the coasts even bothered to watch the World Series, especially after the fifth rain delay. Numbers were probably higher on your average Tuesday night rerun of “According to Jim”. But their team shocked the world and all that, so good on them.

As a Royals fan, I can only say this: hey, St. Louise, it only took you 21 years to catch up to us!


  1. I… actually stopped watching. I would rather spork myself to death than to watch them be all happy. Their fans will be even more insufferable next year. Ugh.

    I even de-friended my baseball community so I wouldn’t be accidentally subjected to it.

    In other news, go play PuzzleDonkey (the fourth and latest round) and help me out!

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