Posted by: Gregg | November 3, 2006

Topeka Road Trip, plus: Why I’m Really Getting to Hate “Lost”, part CXXVI in a series.

On Friday, I’m attending a Reader’s Advisory conference in Topeka. This’ll be my first actual library conference, so I’m excited in a geeky way. I have no idea what to expect – I’ve never actually been in Topeka. I’ve only driven though it on the way to somewhere else, which, I expect, is how most people know Topeka. It’s good to be excited about something. I’ve had a complete lack of energy this week something fierce, which I’m blaming on the weather, Daylight Savings Time, and political advertisements, in that order.

“Lost” is about thisclose to landing a spot on my “Dead To Me” list. Good thing they’re going on break after next week’s episode – by the time the show returns, perhaps I’ll forget how disappointed I am with the season. I don’t mind characters getting killed off on television shows, but for teh love of god, at the very least, have characters die with meaning. I get enough senseless, random deaths in real life. When someone we know and have spent time with on a television show dies, the gates of heaven should open and rain down gifts of spiritual and emotional healing on us. We should get a sense that Everything is Connected, that (insert character’s name here) made a difference in the lives of people on the show, that somehow that death has meaning that will stay with us long after we’ve turned off the set. Not so much on “Lost”, huh? I get the feeling that the writers are just making it up as they go along, high-fiving each other in the office as they come up with new ways of throwing sand in viewers’ eyes. They’re getting away with it because “Lost” built up so much credit with us that first season. But it’s increasingly getting thin. Good thing that the show is going on break after next week – by the time it comes back I might forget how disappointed I am with it. Surely, I can’t be the only one out there who feels this way. Is anyone else bothered by this?


  1. So…what did you think of the conference?

  2. Yeah, Lost, Schmost, let’s hear about the conference!

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