Posted by: Gregg | November 21, 2006

Hard Candy

Go out and rent the film Hard Candy. Right now. It’s a low-budget psychological thriller about a 14-year old girl who entices her way into a 32-year-old photographer’s house via a chatroom, where some serious gamesmanshipbegins: the girl knows a lot more than she lets on, and the photographer may not be the pedophile we make him out to be. The film is starkly shot with tons of closeups so you can count every bead of sweat on their faces.

It’s also one of the most intense films of the year, as well as the most violent, even though almost all of the nastiness occurs offscreen. Still, the torture scenes make those in Reservoir Dogs and Swimming with Sharks look like Amateur Night at Abu Ghraib. I found myself with my hand over my eyes like a seven-year-old watching a slasher flick on cable. Oh, and actress Ellen Page has seriously got the goods.

Light posting through the holiday. Happy Turkee Day, everyone!

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