Posted by: Gregg | January 11, 2007

Once more into the breach.

My second semester of grad school starts this weekend. The first semester went smashingly well, however my classes were mostly of the getting-your-feet-wet variety, while the roster I’m facing now all have a bit more bite to them. And they have even more impressive-sounding names: 805 is Organization Theories for Administering Information Agencies, 806 is Global Information Infrastructure, and 813 is Basic Print and Electronic Information Sources. Okay, maybe that last one sounds a bit more non-threatening.

First up this weekend is 806. It terrifies me the most because it only meets this weekend – the rest of the class will be online, and with my almost superhuman ability to procrastinate, I won’t have that looming second weekend to kick me in the ass. Also it is taught by one of the faculty higherups, so I’m sure there will be no coddling. (All of a sudden I’m getting an image in my head of Tom Hanks in a mortarboard screaming, “There’s no coddling! There’s no coddling in grad school!”)

Add all THAT to the chance of some freezing-ass weather that’s coming Emporia’s way, and it all makes for some start-of-the-semester jitters. Blah.

(Stupid president, who’s stupid address last night knocked off Knights of Prosperity from my TIVO’s recording schedule.)


  1. At the risk of sounding a bit sadistic, it is so fun to read about your jitters and terrors! Seriously – as an MLS student I felt like my world was rocked by some of the classes – especially the ones dealing with information issues on a global scale. Herbert is excellent at macro-level thinking. I will look forward to reading your post-weekend reactions and thoughts.

  2. Hi, got here via TKC. Used to follow you as sir vinegar but never commented. Being an author, I can’t resist the new moniker – lol

    Hope things are well with you. Sorry you missed Knights of Prosperity, it i one of my favorite new shows!

  3. Bush is forever saying that democracies do not invade other countries and start wars. Well, he did just that. He invaded Iraq, started a war, and killed people. What do you think? How does that work in a democracy again? How does being more threatening make us more likeable?Isn’t the country with
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