Posted by: Gregg | February 1, 2007

What I’ll be doing this weekend

Going to class, of course, for my 806 Global Information Infrastructure class that was supposed to happen last month, however an ice storm happened to get in the way. But there’s some football game that you may have heard of that going on as well, and barring some further weather disaster, I’ll be rooted to my easy chair with a bowl of chili Sunday evening watching it.

Not that I’m really looking forward to it this year – as a football fan, there’s not a lot of compelling stories to grab onto. Chicago has an excellent defense that’s fun to watch, but their quarterback, who is about as consistent as Pauly Shore on a triple espresso, would be a third-stringer on any other team. The Colts have Payton Manning, who has fantastically gaudy stats but has about as much charisma as wet cardboard; you all know this because he’s the only NFL player who’s allowed to be in commercials any more. And after making about fifty of them this season, it’s obvious that he hasn’t gotten any better at it.  His main goal in life – aside from bad commercials – is to make life miserable for Kansas City fans like me, so he’ll probably score three touchdowns in the first quarter to put it out of reach and make the rest of the game thoroughly unwatchable.

The teams haven’t played for two weeks, which means play will be sloppy well into the second half. The commercials will suck, as no one wants to be creative anymore – having K-Fed hawk your product is what passes for creativity this year – and since the networks have been gun shy since Janet Jackson flashed her nipple ring at millions of viewers, halftime entertainment will be the pinnacle of visionary performance circa 1983.

Other than all that, I’ll be sure to enjoy the game.


  1. see you in class this weekend…

  2. Not if I see you first!

    (Sorry. Couldn’t resist. I’m twelve years old, you know.)

  3. Eh, I like Payton Manning in his commercials. I think he is personable, and comes across as doofy and fun and down-to-earth (the polar opposite of, say, T.O.). I think that’s why he’s in so many. Well, that and perhaps a good agent. But there’s no scandal around him, people seem to like him as a person, and it’s the ‘all around good farm boy’ persona.

    I really hope they win. Not that I have anything against the Bears. I’m frankly just glad that it’s not any of the ‘typical’ teams in the Superbowl for once!

    As for commercials and halftime? They’re nothing but bathroom breaks and snack runs (I HATE HATE HATE halftime shows).

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