Posted by: Gregg | February 7, 2007

The Moustache of Understanding

The class on globalization went stunningly. It was an interesting topic presented well – our prof did an excellent job of splitting the information into lecture, group work, handouts, and multimedia, so things never got boring. Whenever I go to a class, I tend to sit in front and to the teacher’s left – this is because I am deaf in my left ear and want to be in a good place to hear everything. Glad I did, because the prof has a thin voice that didn’t carry well.

We got a crash course on globalization, culminating in a tape of Thomas Friedman, the columnist from the New York Times (the subject line above refers to the term that the political blogger Atrios uses for Friedman.) I myself was not to fond of Friedman, who is a Times columnist has been far, far too soft regarding President Bush’s adventures in the Middle East, but after watching the man speak I do admit he knows his globalization. I may have to break down and read his latest book. Just don’t tell anybody.

This week has been a brief respite until I journey to Emporia again this weekend for yet another class. Yes, I’m tired.


  1. Ew, Thomas Friedman. Okay, the man may know his globalization, but he’s still icky. Anyone that can release a bestseller in hardcover (The World is Flat), then add some pointless “updating” and re-release it a year later, again in hardcover and for $3 more, has quite simply sold his sold to the devil. Who wouldn’t like globalization if you could hook that up? Sorry, I just feel the need to heckle Thomas Friedman whenever I see his name in print.

  2. I’m right there with you with the ick factor, to be honest. I also hate the way the man speaks – I’ve seen him on “Meet the Press” and in the video in class, which was a presentation to a group of MIT students, and he always speaks as if he’s addressing a first grade class. A droning, lecturing tone with two tablespoons of condescension thrown in.

    I hope he doesn’t write like he talks. I won’t be able to bear 300 pages of that.

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