Posted by: Gregg | February 9, 2007

A little love, please….

for Thursday night’s and Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t know if I’d call it the best show on television, but it’s one of the few shows that’s getting stronger and stronger by the week. ABC’s not paying Shonda Rimes, the show’s creator, enough. It’s got me rushing to the TiVo for what most people refer to as a chick show.

In fact, it’s a show that’s on the upward swing while many other shows I watch are otherwise stagnant or just holding serve – Lost continues to shove our faces in the fact that it will never answer any of our questions, ever. Studio 60 is falling apart and is heading for cancellation. Heroes is great, but I’m getting no real sense of any urgency in its pacing – the show has stayed at a consistent level since day one. (Apparently New York is going to blow up. I know this because multiple characters have mentioned it. I don’t get the sense that it’s gonna actually happen, though and if it does happen, there will be little build up; it’ll just start off as a regular episode, then boom.)

I don’t want to slag other shows while praising Grey’s , because I love all those other shows, too. It’s just that Grey’s is doing everything right, even with a completely unlikeable lead character. The pacing is tight, the characters are intertwined, interesting,  and romantically involved, the plot goes forward and yet surprises you every week, it can be funny and maudlin in the same episode – it’s all I want in network episodic television. Keep it up, Grey’s. 

Oh: and Kate Walsh is a undiscovered comedic genius. It’s a crime that an actress this good hasn’t been allowed to shine before now. Addison calling Sloane a “man-whore” on the elevator last night – and the expression on her face when she did it – was the highlight of my television week.

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