Posted by: Gregg | February 15, 2007

Hi. A long time ago, I used to have a blog here.

Book reviews returning soon, I promise. But first, a rough transcript of a conversation over dinner last night.

Wife: Do you remember back in elementary school when you’d decorate a shoebox, cut a slot into it, and other classmates would come around and drop valentine cards into it?

Me: Oh yeah! Back then I was so shy and had such low self-esteem, I totally feared Valentine’s Day. I went to school thinking that no one would give me any valentines, so the entire shoebox thing was just going to be a waste of time. And when I actually did get valentines, I thought people were just giving them to me out of some sort of pity or obligation, not that they actually liked me or anything. So the more valentines I got, the more guilty I felt.

Wife: (pause.) You are not telling that story to our children.


  1. Awwwww. That is a sad story. Best valentine wishes to my old friend Gregg, who has no reason to suffer from low self-esteem. A nicer person you will never meet. Smart and funny, too.

  2. I was a mixed-up little kid, all right. Worst part is, I brought most of it on myself. I was tagged as an outsider fairly early on but I never rebelled or fought against that label and instead used it to define myself. I didn’t get out of that mode of thinking until high school.

    Valentine Days since then have been much, much better. Especially since I have a wonderful wife.

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