Posted by: Gregg | March 29, 2007

Meme on!

There’s a meme going around library circles about what five non-library websites you visit each day. Being a follower and not wanting to be left out of what the cool kids are talking about, here are my top five daily visits, in no particular order:

Oh No They Didn’t: I almost feel ashamed to link to a gossip site, because I’d hate to have any of you think less of me more than you already do, but this livejournal community has some of the funniest and snarkiest stuff on the web – and often posts stuff as fast as Perez Hilton and TMZ do. Perfect for your Britney Breakdown Fix.

TV Squad: Gives the best news, gossip, reviews, and essays on the glass teat you’ll find on the web. Plus, they aggregate spoilers on my favorite shows so I don’t have to hunt the web for them, which in this day and age is a public service on par with National Public Radio. (Check this essay on “House” while you’re over there.)

Kissing Suzy Kolber: Whatever cred I still might have with the rest of you is going right to hell after admitting my love for KSK.  A sports blog that is about as gleefully irreverent, vulgar, and beer-soaked as you’re going to find on the web. Half the time I cringe at it, the rest of the time I’m convulsing with laughter. It takes the pop-culture awareness that Bill Simmons brought to the sports commentary genre and takes it to the logical extreme.

Metafilter: Imagine all the friends you’ve ever had in your entire life: your smart friends, your fashionable friends, your annoying friends, your literate friends, and your stoned friends. Now imagine all of them in a room at the same time, chatting about the news of the day and about cool stuff they found on the web. That’s the feeling I get whenever I visit Metafilter. I’ve lurked there for untold amount of years and enjoyed the links and the conversation. And, of course, the occasional flame war. They serve to cleanse the palate.

Pandora:  Screw all you damn kids and your online music sharing sites.  I don’t need legions of mp3s clogging my hard drive just on the off-chance it will be there the three days out of the year I might want to hear that particular song. I have my preset Pandora channels all ready to go so I get to hear music, good music, unexpected music, whenever I want.


  1. Pandora has let me down, they do not have as much movie as I would like… they are an excellent site, but I do need more songs.

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