Posted by: Gregg | May 14, 2007

“Survivor” spoilers, obviously.

Funny thing is, I had actually stopped watching it for a while – up until about halfway through, I had chalked this season up as one of the worst seasons of the show. But somehow things kicked into gear and now you’ve got to consider this, in fact, one of the best.

Congratulations go to Kansas City’s own Earl, of course, who won the million, but everyone and their dog knows that Yau-Man by all accounts was the better player and should have won. And what can I say about Dreamz – within one episode he goes from a mildly annoying wild card to one of the most hated “Survivor” contestants ever. And this is a show that has spawned both Richard Hatch and Boston Rob onto the pop-culture landscape.

Please spare me the twaddle about Dreamz knowing exactly what he was doing from day one; Dreamz couldn’t tell you what he had for breakfast that morning without lying about it. I will admit that the man in all probability thought he was telling the truth in his own mind, but unlike Dreamz, we have things like short-term memory and TiVo to prove to us that he just says whatever comes out of his mouth without thinking about it. Dreamz will probably charm some third-string cable network to give him his own show by this time next season. Good luck to him, I guess.



  1. i agree with you….yau man definately deserved to win hands down. i really hate dreamz….he’s despicable. i mean…i understand why Earl backstabbed yau…it’s because that’s the only move he could of made…and it secured him the million. but why would dreamz make that move? he could at least walk away with his integrity AND the car…but instead…he chooses to lie…walk away with N O integrity….since he sure as hell knows he isn’t going to get the jury vote. why would he even bother going to final 3 if he k nows he won’t win? at least walk away with a clean conscious. he then has the audacity to spew his rambling BS in live tv

  2. I stopped watching survivor after the whole race split stuff… I thought they were scrapping the bottom of the barrel then. Not even the promos saying, a first on survivor made me tune in. Glad someone from KC won.

  3. The race thing – that was last season, I believe – wasn’t handled all too well, but luckily they dropped that after a few episodes and things got back to normal. The winner that season was a gay Asian, too.

    John, you bring up a good point: if Dreamz was such a mastermind, wouldn’t he know that going back on his promise in front of God, the jury, and Jeff Probst would completely destroy his reputation with the jury? If Dreamz keeps his promise, he’s the media-friendly formerly-homeless guy with a new truck.

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