Posted by: Gregg | May 22, 2007

“Heroes” discussion, obviously.

Excellent ending to an amazing season. Well done. I had told friends I was going to be disappointed if there wasn’t going to be a world-class Sylar/Peter superpowered smackdown, but after watching the finale last night I’m actually glad they didn’t go that direction. “Heroes” works because it’s a show that borrows from the comic book medium while not being a comic book if that makes any sense. It’s a show about relationships and characters, and to end a show like that with a f/x-heavy battle royale in downtown Manhattan sort of goes against the whole point.


Sylar’s still alive – next season’s Big Bad drug him into the sewers. But he has lost all his powers he gained during the series – he’s back where he began.

Hiro will meet Kensei and discover that his hero isn’t a good guy after all.

Parkman? He dead.



  1. Don’t know if Hiro’ll meet the Kensei, as that might be a bit much. I do, however, look forward to Hiro hopping through the timestream.

    And, yeah. Parkman? He dead and then some.

    Overall: awesome. Twice-over awesome. The fact that I saw Nathan flying Peter away months ago doesn’t make it less awesome.

  2. Kensei will train Hiro. Parkman is not dead. Why didn’t Peter fly himself away? Is Peter dead, or could he heal himself from that?
    What is mama Petrelli’s power? Bitchiness?

  3. I think Hiro will *become* Kensei! (Or maybe not.)

    By all logic, Parkman will die. But Grunberg is a nice guy and Parkman a good character, so he may come back.

    I assume Peter didn’t fly himself because trying to keep his radiation powers under control kept him from focusing enough to use his other powers. But since he can also regenerate…did he die in the explosion? Or will he come crashing back to earth?

  4. During the time travel it was never clear what event actually changed history, I am more curious about the scar… he has to survive, I a more interested on if Nathan survives… he could have gotten him so far… or accelerated and the flew away.

    Parkman is still alive, he is JJAbrams best friend.

    Hiro + Kensei + Strange Symbol + How long have there been Heroes? Do we learn of a genesis to the genetic mutation… has it been there from the beginning of humanity?

  5. No – Hiro needs no more training. He’s already a hero – that’s what his character arc this season was all about. What would be interesting is to see him meet his role model and see how human he actually is.

    I would hope that Nathan and Peter are both dead. I don’t care how good Claire’s healing ability is, you can’t heal if you’re blown to teeny bits. And Nathan’s got to die, or else his big sacrifice wasn’t a sacrifice.

    Logtar’s right: as long as JJ’s in the mix, Greg Grunberg will have a home in television. (Being an “Alias” fanboy for so long, it’s tough not to yell “Weiss!” whenever he’s on screen.)

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