Posted by: Gregg | May 25, 2007

The Next Best Thing.

Librarian types that read this blog are probably familiar with the story of the library system in Jackson County, Oregon, which had to close its doors recently because of lack of funding. For years it relied on a federal subsidy from the local timber industry, but after the feds yanked it, the library and its branches were forced to find local funding. A proposal to increase property taxes was shot down twice by the community, and the libraries were shut down for good.

But someone has stepped in to fill that void. Even though the library as they know it is gone, people still want that service and sense of community they get from the library. They have tried to create their own. That show me more than anything else how much the library is needed. Who knows? This might be the new emerging library model.

Go Ashland Media Exchange!



  1. Nice article GW.
    Great idea to get people in contact with books.
    I am curious, what is happening to the books in the closed libraries?

    I will say this about the whole Oregon thing: I am probably crossing Oregon off my list of libraries to send resumes out to.

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