Posted by: Gregg | May 27, 2007

Hard Eight:

I’ve been memetagged by my friend Josh Neff, however I’m not worried, because I know he’s had all his shots. He was originally memetagged by library goddess Rachel Singer Gordon, so I feel important in some vague way. So: Eight Random Things About Me:

8.) My favorite book as a child was “The Monster at the End of This Book.”

7.) I can’t eat any sort of berry that bursts in my mouth. I can’t explain why except to say that it’s a texture thing.

6.) I met my wife at the wedding of our best friends. She was a bridesmaid, I was an usher in tight pants. (Long story.)

5.) I attended Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Twice.

4.) It’s very rare that I ever remember what I dream. Unless I happen to wake up suddenly, 95% of the time it’s gone from my head by the time I reach the shower.

3.) I was the lead in two plays in high school. In one of those plays I had to wear a bright orange superhero costume, and to my enormous embarrassment, there likely exists a video of it somewhere.

2.) I don’t like to listen to sad songs. So much so that I’ll immediately switch to another station if I hear one start up on the radio. I like happy music, darn it.

1.) I’ll go to my grave with the belief that The Thirteenth Floor was every bit as good a sci-fi film as The Matrix, just without the kung-fu. Neither films are a patch on Dark City, though.

If you’re reading this, assume you’re tagged.


  1. I see I am not the only one up at the crack of dawn to read blogs.

    Im pretty sure you are a LOTR fan.
    Check out my blog, I found this cute little template. So cute, I might leave it that way a while.

    good luck in classes this summer…..stud.

  2. I read that Grover book regularly to Sammy. One, because I loved it as a kid, too. Second, I do a damn fined Grover voice.

    Oh, and is this meme is pretty freely formed… I like a little structure…

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