Posted by: Gregg | May 30, 2007

The Overlook – Michael Connelly

The release of a new Michael Connelly book is something like a national holiday in my house, so I freely admit I may have some bias issues here. The Overlook is a Harry Bosch story that was originally serialized in the New York Times last year, then reedited with additions made and put out for publication. It’s a slim volume, about half the size of a usual Connelly book, and also reads a bit quicker as he’s amped the intensity up.

Harry has to play politics here, dealing with a possible Homeland Security issue when a doctor who handles radioactive material is found murdered. Fearing a terrorist plot, the FBI swoops in, including an old flame, Rachel Walling, and Harry has to fight to keep ownership of the case as well as breaking in a new partner, Ignacio Ferras.

Aside from the underutilized Ferras, who we never really get to know, Connelly does a fine job here. The terrorist plot angle is new to the Harry Bosch novels, which usually deal with old-school Bosch grappling with demons while getting the bad guys, and is a nice nod to the new realities of post 9/11 law enforcement. The Overlook is a fine addition to the Connelly canon.


  1. Lincoln Lawyer was the last fiction book I read front to back. Lately stuck in a nonfiction mode, focusing especially on books of a scientific nature.

  2. The main character in “Lincoln Lawyer”, Mickey Haller, is Harry Bosch’s half-brother.

    Pass along your non-fiction reads – I went through a huge history of science phase a few years ago, but haven’t gotten back on that particular horse.

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