Posted by: Gregg | June 7, 2007

Knocked Up and Waitress

I really, really wanted to like Knocked Up, and perhaps that’s why I left the theater with a small grin on my face instead of giggling hysterically like I did when I left Judd Apatow’s last film, 40-Year Old Virgin. It seemed like Apatow was a little self-congratulatory here, possessed with the feeling that he could do no wrong, like a best-selling novelist who is so convinced of his own talent and success he feels like he doesn’t need to listen to an editor. This movie is more concerned with hanging out with Seth Rogen’s stoner crew of friends than with plot. We know that co-star Katherine Heigl can act, given her talent on display over at “Grey’s Anatomy”, but her character here feels underdeveloped and a bit of an afterthought. Knocked Up is a good movie and has brilliant moments, but ultimately, the film ambled when it could have sprinted. But still, good stuff. Just not all that.

Waitress is an oddly satisfying movie, written and directed by late actress Adrienne Shelley. It’s a story about an waitress at a southern diner who hates her husband and her life and desperately wants to leave and pursue her dream of making award-winning pies, but she discovers she is pregnant, further trapping her. It’s one of those films that takes about ten minutes or so before you figure out its rhythm – it’s difficult to tell whether it’s supposed to be a comedy, tragedy, or satire, and if the exaggerated corn-pone accents everyone throws around are supposed to be taken seriously or not – but once you settle in, you find that you’re hooked. Kari Russell turns in an excellent performance as the pie-making waitress and Nathan Fillion likewise does well as her ob/gyn she falls in love with. Excellent film, worthy of the praise it’s gotten.

Oh: and after watching this movie, I dare you to not go for coffee and pie afterwards.


  1. I agree with your assessment of Knocked up… moments during the movie made me feel more uncomfortable than entertained. A lot of the emotion did not have any kind of build up to it, it was just simply served by a lunch lady rather than a chef.

  2. Hey Gregg!
    I am currently reading:
    Fishes in Kansas by Frank Cross

    Check it out. A must have for fishermen and nature lovers. A really good guide for finding and identifying fish in Kansas. Worth the purchase just to see what a hogsucker is.

  3. I’ve been wanting to see both of these, I think we’re gonna see Knocked Up tonight … thanks for reviewing =)
    (I get to go pick up The Year of Magical Thinking from the library on Monday! I’m all happy.)

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