Posted by: Gregg | July 11, 2007

Quick question for y’all while I’m in a mild state of panic:

What’s your favorite method of procrastination?

Me? I’ve read two books (the Chabon and Lee Child’s “Running Blind”) while my summer semester assignments are looming.


  1. My house tends to get much, much cleaner as it gets close to assignment due dates.

  2. Well, I wrote a novel during the first month of my last semester in library school. In general, my method of procrastination has been doing prep for role-playing games I knew I’d never actually play or suddenly deciding I need to watch every episode of some TV show in sequence.

  3. Recently? Jewel Quest II. Stupid, addictive game. *grumble*

    I also find that staring blankly at a wall in a mild state of denial works pretty well, if there’s nothing else to distract yourself with.

  4. Oh, I just caught myself cleaning out the grooves in the refrigerator door.

    I also get caught in loops of checking on emails, blogs, news, emails, blogs, news, etc.

    Obviously I am procrastinating…..I’m reading your blog (smiles)

  5. Reading is a big one. I particularly procrastinate going to bed with reading. (Does one “procrastinate with”? – I’ve obviously been out of school too long.) My main form of it, though, is to play The Sims or watch TV.

    Cleaning, however, is not a method for me – I procrastinate in order to avoid doing it!

  6. Two words for you: BBC videos.

  7. Law and Order… marathons.

    It seems to delay things pretty well.

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