Posted by: Gregg | September 6, 2007

Decisions, decisions….

Facing a tough decision in the next few weeks. The fall semester of grad school is in full swing, my wife is due to give birth to our first child in just a handful of months, and perhaps most importantly, I need to think about what tv shows we program into the TiVo. (Helpful grid of television goodness here.)

With Heroes and Chuck, NBC has pretty much locked up Monday evenings for me. This increases the likelihood we’ll give Journeyman a shot, which comes on afterward and sounds like a more serious version of Quantum Leap, but we’ve heard little buzz about it. How I Met Your Mother will have to be be watched live and Aliens in America might have to wait until later on in the season. K-Ville on Fox sounds intriguing, but I can’t take any drama that stars Anthony Anderson seriously.

Tuesdays: House and CW’s Reaper are on opposite each other, which merely increases the chances Reaper will be overlooked, moved around the schedule, buried, put on hiatus, and eventually canceled. Nothing goes up against Hugh Laurie and survives; this is what doomed Veronica Mars.

Wednesday: Tyra Banks’ ANTM versus Kid Nation on CBS. Which overly exploitive reality show do we go with? Both, of course. Critical darling Pushing Daisies, on at the same time, will have to go by the wayside. Private Practice at eight will likewise be gleefully ignored unless Bionic Woman completely tanks – I hope it doesn’t as the wife is crazy excited by this show. Even if it’s merely okay, you can never go wrong with a show about superpowered girls kicking butt. Then Dirty Sexy Money at nine because Peter Krause is made of awesome.

Thursday is Survivor and Grey’s Anatomy. Friday? Moonlight: all you have to say is that Jason Dohring plays an ancient  vampire and I’m there, however I have a nagging suspicion that this show will suck.

Weekends are for catching up and recovery.

Am I missing anything? Any shows out there that I should be watching?


  1. Bionic Woman and heroes are what I am really looking forward… I am trying not to get too addicted to TV this season. Got to get some reading done.

  2. Why no love for Grey’s Anatomy’s offspring, Private Practice?

  3. Unfortunately, no love for Private Practice, even though I’m a huge Grey’s fan and Kate Walsh fanboy. The spin-off preview I saw last year showed me nothing, and took a funny but strong woman from Grey’s and made her into a wacky Ally McBeal-type idiot. Walsh has got some serious comedy chops and should get a chance to use them, but not like that.

    And PP fired Francie from Alias. Since that’s mah show, I take that personally.

  4. What? No Lost? Were you a fan that they drove away, or never a fan?

  5. Holy cats, I forgot Lost!

    After some google-fu, it seems like they got left off the fall schedule because they aren’t premiering until February, so they can run all their episodes in a row. Good on them. But yeah, add that to the list!

  6. K-Ville on Fox sounds intriguing, but I can’t take any drama that stars Anthony Anderson seriously.

    You obviously didn’t watch “The Shield” on Fox. Anthony Anderson was a bad muthascratcha on that show, believe you me.

  7. See, I need to track down “The Shield” one of these days. I still only think of Anthony Anderson as The Guy From “Kangaroo Jack”.

  8. Unfortunately, I’ve only got Season 1 on DVD. Anderson’s season was insane, though… second only to the Forrest Whitaker story arc in my Shield pantheon.

  9. Well, if Kevin McKidd’s as good in Journeyman as he was in Rome, it should be worth watching. We’ll see, though.

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