Posted by: Gregg | November 8, 2007


Go out and play; it’s a nice day outside.

Publishers Weekly Best Books of the Year, 2007 Edition. Just in case you’re looking for something to read. PW’s usually pretty solid – last year they picked George Pelecanos’ brilliant and wonderful “Night Gardener” to be on the list, which means they get a lifetime pass from me.

Thriller author Barry Eisler posts some thoughts over on Buzz, Balls, & Hype on the future of the book publishing model. Fascinating stuff from an industry insider – and his books are pretty damn good, as well. Parts one, two, and three.

Oh, and if you’re into sportsblogging at all, Kissing Suzy Kolber has been on fire recently, with its attacks on the tastefully named Gregg Easterbrook and the ever-increasing bounty on Tom Brady’s knee. Consistently funny and gleefully vulgar.



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    Thanks for considering it.

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