Posted by: Gregg | January 10, 2008


Longtime friends of mine know the loathing I have for Kansas City’s own Shawn Edwards, a ‘film critic’ – and I use that term very loosely – for our local Fox television affiliate who is either a soulless corporate shill or holds the record for the world’s largest case of ADHD. He will give a good quote for anything – the latest Rob Schneider film, an Arby’s commercial, public access shows about psychic dogs – anything. People like him aid and abet the mindless crap that comes out of Hollywood, and there is a special cozy section of hell for quote whores like him.

But today we celebrate his career, as he’s finally made the coveted #1 spot on the 2007 edition of eFilmCritic’s list of Whores of the Year. Congratulations, Shawn, you deserved it.


  1. I kinda get the feeling you dont like this guy.

  2. I kinda get the feeling that I agree with you. I instantly change the channel when his ugly mug shows up on the screen. If I had a dirty diaper in my hand, I would not be responsible for the mess on the tv.

  3. worst “critic” evah.

  4. I seriously never expected to type this comment here (I always feel like the next thing is going to be red marker on my comment), but what a whore!

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