Posted by: Gregg | January 18, 2008

Writer’s Strike Survival Guide:

While I fully support the striking writers and what they stand for, the lack of original programming has put a meteor-sized dent in my TiVo schedule. Resourceful folks must find other ways to fill the TeeVee void until the adults decide to come to the bargaining table. Me? We’ve been tearing through the first season of HBO’s Rome on DVD (bummed from a certain goblin, with much thanks) when the kiddo allows us.

Also, Alan Sepinwall, an excellent tv critic for the New Jersey Star-Ledger, is posting episode reviews for the brilliant-but-cancelled television show Cupid, episodes of which can (mostly) be found in bits on YouTube. I’ve preached the awesomeness of this show for a while – now you have a reason to follow along, if you needed it.

Also, instead of watching television, you could – y’know – read a book.


  1. Bah, I just play video games.

    But the strike does have me worried, should I be praising writers more, or those that deliver the content to me.

    I mean, if X tv comedian host can’t come up with his own jokes…there might be a deeper issue.

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