Posted by: Gregg | January 29, 2008

State of the Union

Postings have been light of late – Gav’s spent the last week battling a nasty case of the stomach flu, which has resulted in epic poops in size, color, and liquidity. Think of a quart of French’s hot dog mustard left out in the sun too long and you’ll get the general idea of what we’ve been dealing with here at Bookpusher HQ. The kiddo’s feeling better, though, and is now sleeping with the dulcet sounds of our now-please-god-less-than-one-year-left Commander in Chief speaking in the background.

I’ve decided to become a stay-at-home dad of a sort – I’m soon to transfer to a part time evening/weekend position at a branch close to my home so I can stay here and care for the big guy. Grand school will be over with in about a year, and besides, the cost of quality daycare in JoCo is completely insane, approaching levels seen only near Tokyo highrises and in certain parts of Dubai. Our cats have shown little interest in looking after the kiddo, and as they have no opposable thumbs, they could not be trusted to drive the car or to dial 911 if something were to go wrong during the day. Stupid cats.

(Meanwhile, if you have word of any quality affordable daycare options in the vicinity of old Overland Park, please don’t tell me about it, as I’ve already turned in my two weeks’ notice. This particular ship has sailed. I’ll be missed at my job, which is a nice feeling, and I think I’ll like my new stomping grounds. I’ll also, theoretically, have more time to write and read postings, so the quality of writing around here should improve.)



  1. Gregg, sorry to hear you are finding it necessary to realign. I know it’s temporary, but still, you will be missed at the library, I know. Good luck, and hope to see you soon on the other side of library school!

  2. Good luck with the changes, and see you in a couple of weeks! How’s your group project coming along?

  3. This is another Heather. You will be missed at the library! Who will talk to me about Project Runway and How I Met Your Mother? This is only acceptable if I get your job…

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