Posted by: Gregg | February 11, 2008


Went to see Atonement this weekend, as we were blessed with friends who were willing to watch the kiddo. The movie was a compromise choice – there wasn’t any other film we both felt strongly about. I sort of wanted to see No Country For Old Men but it’s not exactly a girly movie; she kind of wanted to see National Treasure 2 but I’ve sworn off Nicholas Cage films for the time being. So we settled on the Oscar-bait Atonement. I can happily report that it’s a decent flick, however there’s no great surprises to be had. It takes place at an English countryside estate where the smoldering landscaper’s son falls for the bored socialite daughter at the start of World War 2. And if there’s one thing that British costume dramas have taught us over the years, is that True Love cannot by any means overcome class boundaries; if you want to live a long and happy life in jolly olde England, you most certainly no not knock boots with someone who works for Daddy. But if they didn’t, there would be no movie, and so Lovers are Separated because the World is Unfair and they spend the rest of the film Pining for Each Other. You know the drill. It will win Oscars because it is a film that exists for that reason and no other, however it isn’t a flick that will be discussed in film classes fifty years from now. James McAvoy provides the eye candy for the ladies, and us guys are stuck with Keira Knightley, who is a nice enough actress when given good material, but Lord, is that woman thin. It’s all the more disturbing because she spends much of the movie in backless dresses, which just accentuates her freakish boniness. It’s the same problem that Renee Zellweger had in Chicago. If she’s going to be a top-shelf Hollywood actress, then fine, but please put some clothes on the girl.

It’s strange to see your child go through phases in front of your eyes – last week Gav was all about looking at himself in the mirror, how he seems bored by his own reflection. Last week he seemed fairly independent, but for the last few days now he’s been awfully clingy. The books say very little about this period of life – probably because they don’t know what to expect, either. We’re going under the assumption that pretty much everything he does is normal until proven otherwise. He’s smiling fully now and goes through a massive burst of positive energy first thing in the morning – the only thing better than a tall, strong cup of coffee at 6:00 in the morning is your two-month old burst into a gigantic grin when he sees your face.



  1. You ought to read the book. The book is awesome; one of my favorites ever; much better than might be suggested by the movie.

  2. I’m with you on the Nicholas Cage thing. I can’t watch his movies without getting annoyed with him.

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