Posted by: Gregg | February 19, 2008

The Return of the Doughty

I remember the first time I ever heard Soul Coughing. It was sometime in 1994, and I was at a party held at the apartment of a Guy Who Knows Things. (This was back in the day when I was young and foolish and thought that being a a Guy Who Knows Things was something to aspire to.) Me and a small group of friends were playing poker in the living room and I heard the unmistakable music of Raymond Scott’s “Powerhouse” cut through the crowded room against a jazzy hip-hop beat. If you’ve ever watched cartoons, then you’ll know the song I’m talking about – in pretty much any Looney Tunes cartoon ever made when there’s a conveyor belt pumping out boxes of manufactured things, bet that “Powerhouse” is playing in the background. I folded the hand and the music drew me over to another room and I asked the guy next to the stereo what this music was.

I finally got a hold of Soul Coughing’s first album, Ruby Vroom, and instantly fell in love. Four years later, the band broke up and I’ve followed the career of Mike Doughty, the lead singer, ever since. Today is the release of his newest album, Golden Delicious, which I will be buying later on this afternoon, iTunes be damned. Check out this Doughty interview on NPR’s All Things Considered from last weekend. Mike also maintains an excellent blog and often posts pictures he takes from the road. s coming to KC next month. But that’s a whole ‘nothe

And he’r post.

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