Posted by: Gregg | February 21, 2008

Thank you, god. Just…thank you.

Last night was Gav’s third night in a row where he slept for at least seven hours.

Seven hours! Do you realize how long its been since we’ve slept seven hours, uninterrupted, in a row? Seven sweet, blissful, star-spangled, peaceful, glorious, spectacular hours? It’s manna from heaven, dude. Maybe I can finally work on getting these bags out from underneath my eyes. I didn’t want to say anything after the first night, thinking it might be a fluke. I didn’t want to say anything after the second night, because I didn’t want to jinx anything. But three – yes, three – is more of a certainty.

The key is, of course, wearing his little ass out before you put him down, and also timing his feedings right, but when it all comes together…. Seven hours. Wonderful.

So it’s been two and a half months. What’d I miss?


  1. I’ve turned you into an LJ feed – I don’t know if that’s newsworthy or not, but all your old LJ friends can have your on their friend’s page now. Okay, it was mainly for me because I’m so flippin’ lazy I can’t be bothered to remember to click to another web page. But still.

    The biggest news on the blogsphere I’ve been watching is the Anonymous protest of Scientology and a giant wank over a girl who claims to be dating one of the heroes stars on the astral plane through her 12-yr-old medium sister. Fun stuff!

  2. you didnt miss sh#t

  3. yay for sleep. Did you miss all the snow?? As in, too tired to notice it? Other than that, Royce is right — you haven’t missed much at all.

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