Posted by: Gregg | February 26, 2008

Oscar Post-Mortem

As usual, despite my chronic movie-going nature, I failed to win my Oscar pool for what seems like the 417th year in a row. I take solace in that I did correctly call all the acting awards – even the upsets like Tilda Swinton and the French woman that no one saw coming – but I fumbled the Best Director and both Screenplay awards, which is usually my strength.

Mrs. Bookpusher and I saw Definitely, Maybe over the weekend, which will probably not be nominated for anything next year but is a perfectly enjoyable night at the movies anyway and should be seen by just about everyone. Ryan Reynolds, who has a knack for being an enjoyable presence in bad movies, finally gets a good script to work with and comes across as a charismatic and vulnerable romantic lead, turning in a strong performance that should finally put him within shouting distance of the A-list. The actresses surrounding him, like Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz, and Elizabeth Banks, are all wonderful and the movie’s “who-does-he-end-up-with” schtick is fresh and likable instead of stale and cliche. Look for a brilliant cameo from Kevin Klein, floating in on a haze of self-importance and alcohol. Ignore the rom-com stigma and make a point to catch this one. Guys, you’ll find yourself enjoying it and scoring points with the girlfriend/wife.


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