Posted by: Gregg | April 7, 2008

Google Mail failed me.

Someone out there on the internets wrote me a nice email about my blog, however I couldn’t read it as it was routed into my spam folder. I caught just the barest glimpse of the subject header right after I clicked the “delete all” button. Gone forever, alas.

(Please don’t take this as a slam against the Almighty Google, whose applications and search engines I use every day, praise be to the nice folks over at Mountain View, California.)


  1. Hit the Undo button, LOL… sorry… just had to laugh.

  2. When I go through the spam folder, I take a look at the arrows between the sender and the subjct. I think the double arrow means it was sent directly to me, which is something I’d want to take a look at (maybe).

    I think I have a greasemonkey script in my firefox though, so that might impact it. Give it a look next time.

    Hope it helps.

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