Posted by: Gregg | April 8, 2008

Rock chalk, gunfire.

The wife and I were exhausted Monday evening after a long weekend, so after putting the little guy down we decided to crash early. During the night, Gav started to fuss, as he’s an incredibly light sleeper. I went in to hold him for a little bit and turned on the television to watch the college basketball championship with the sound off and the closed-captioning on. I (or Gavin) happened to have excellent timing, as I got to see the entirety of the KU comeback, down eight with just a handful of minutes to play in regulation. I went back to bed after KU forced overtime.

About a half hour later I was awakened by a loud boom, which I assumed was a severe thunderstorm that was supposed to be coming our way. On the second boom, I wondered if there was a rolling gun battle in our neighborhood. After the third, I realized it was local KU yahoos shooting off weaponry in celebration of the win.

So congrats, KU! I just wish that at such a late hour you would have been more respectful of families with kiddos.


  1. Link to the news report or it never happened…

  2. Gunfire for celebration is something I would never understand… bullets should be super expensive… I remember comedian said that it would probably end gun violence and stupid people firing guns because of … whatever it is that makes them want to fire it.

    I did watch the game and enjoyed it… no gunshots though.

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