Posted by: Gregg | April 18, 2008

KC Bloggers: let’s get lit! No, wait, that came out wrong….

Are there any other KC bloggers out there who would be interested in starting up a book group?

Bloggers are people who, almost by definition, read a bunch, keeping up with dozens of blogs in a week, if not in a day. We also are people who are good at organizing their thoughts for posting – two qualities that make ideal book group participants. Throw in the fact that there are a bunch of crazy, diverse, and intelligent folks that blog in the area, and I think we’d get a great group together. I was thinking of trying it as a one-time thing, meeting at a centrally-located bar for drinks and discussion. And if the response is good, it could then develop into an ongoing thing. And it’d be a great excuse for a blogger meetup, if nothing else.

And if you’re interested but can’t make the book group for whatever reason and want to play along at home, you can post your thoughts on your blogs. We all can than comment back and forth, prompting further discussion, expanding the conversation.

So if anyone’s game, leave a comment or email me at the gmail at gregg dot winsor and mention what kinds of books you like to read. Anyone who has a blog in the KC area is welcome. And if you’re already in a book group that might need a new member, keep me in mind.

(I’m sending out extra special guilt vibes to some of the KC librarians who I know are out there. You guys game?)



  1. Since you’re calling me out, I’ll come clean: I’m a voracious reader of RSS feeds and comics, but I’m not a voracious reader of books. No, I’m a slow, fitful, moody reader, and the pressure to have a book read by a certain date rarely lights a fire under me to reader faster. Especially if it’s a book I’m not in the mood to read. It’s really amazing I got my English degree at all.

    But I think it’s a good idea, and I’ll cheer you on from the sidelines.

  2. I’m probably in.

  3. Depends on what you pick to read… is Snowcrash on the list? 😉

  4. I’m interested… unless Snowcrash is on the list 😛

  5. I’m definitely in!

  6. I would be interested!

  7. I’ll throw my hat in the ring, too. And smeddley – Snowcrash? Go for his good stuff – Cryptonomicon and The Diamond Age are much better.

  8. Everyone – thanks for the interest! I’ll kick around an email to everyone next week to see what kinds of books you all like to read or, better yet, what kinds of books you’d like to read as a book group.

    And to briefly explain the “Snow Crash” thing Smeddley’s talking about – we worked in the same building for several years a while back and I recommended the book to her after learning she’s a bit of a sci-fi fan. I got it thrown back on my desk a week later. She didn’t like it, but she gutted it out and finished the thing. And has never let me forget it, even though she’s liked some other books I’ve since suggested.

  9. Great idea — I’m up for it.

  10. Sounds like fun. Can we read the Elizabeth Berkley biography?

  11. I wish I could participate but I am swamped with award reading right now. If you happen to read something that I have to read anyway I will jump in with witty and profound comments:)

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