Posted by: Gregg | May 12, 2008

Quick Survivor finale thoughts:

As always, the best player didn’t win, and even more so this season, since between Parvati and Amanda, Amanda clearly was the better overall player.

Amanda lost it, I think, at the final tribal council, where she was exhausted and her focus was obviously lacking. She didn’t make her case for victory at all, never mentioning her several challenge wins and the only successful use of the hidden immunity idol in the game, qualities which should have easily secured her the million dollars. She seemed like she just wanted the whole thing over with, only showing signs of life when Ozzy declared his love for her on national TV.

Parv, on the other hand, won mostly because of her flirting skill and her hand in voting Ozzy out. She sucked in challenges and rode coattails the whole way through. I haven’t seen the reunion show yet, but I can only assume it’s either an hour of Ozzy/Amanda lovefest or an hour of raking poor, naive, deluded Erik over the coals for his staggeringly boneheaded play.

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