Posted by: Gregg | June 12, 2008

Where I’m at.

I’m taking two courses over the summer: LI832 – Information Transfer Among Young Adults, and LI837 – Teaching in the Information Profession. (As you can see, us librarian types call what we do “Information Transfer”. In a few years there won’t be any librarians at all, only “Information Professionals”. This title is used because it sounds wonderfully important and it’s a bit more accurate than “librarian”, which most people use to refer to anyone who works at a library, from the reference desk folks with Master’s degrees down to the part-time janitor. But I digress.)

Both classes look to be a lot of work. This is the fallacy with classes during summer semester where you hope and pray for pud classes, but in reality they turn out more difficult than you expect because you have the same amount of work as a fall or spring class but have less time to do it. 832, the YA class, looks to be the more fun of the two because among our assignments is to read YA lit – on our list is three books I’ve already read plus Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, a human/vampire love story that’s all the rage among the teen emo set and apparently I’m the only person in the western hemisphere who hasn’t read it yet. Rest assured my review will be posted as soon as I finish it.

The big news is, I guess, is that grad school is drawing to a close. After this semester, I have three classes left to go, plus something called a “capstone” class, which is a summation of everything I’ve learned in the program and that terrifies me more than Jessica Alba’s IMDB page. But, yeah: after that, I’m done. I’ve been in school for so long that it seems strange that there’s an ending point. Historically this is the stage where I blow stuff off and sabotage myself into a flaming ball of failed expectations, but this time things will be different. I have a wife and a kiddo who I’m doing this for.

And then I’ll be an official librarian. Or an Information Professional. Whatever.


  1. “Historically this is the stage where I blow stuff off and sabotage myself into a flaming ball of failed expectations”

    It is like you took a page out of my personal diary.
    And yes, having a wife and kid gives you that extra incentive to just keep pushing on. You will be a great Informatics Technician!

    Capstone is fun, it appears no one has any idea what is going on. According to my friends this is how everyone feels about capstone.

  2. I like the pseudo-medical flavor of the course title “Information Transfer Among Young Adults.” Substitute “Disease” for “Information” and you have a perfectly respectable third-year medical seminar. My guess is that you would be better served as a future librarian if you actually took the medical seminar. Welcome to the club, boyo. Wait ’til you learn the secret handshake.

  3. That’s so cool: I could never be part of a profession that didn’t have a secret handshake.

    Royce: good to know that no one else knows what the hell constitutes capstone, either. People I’ve spoken to who do know just give me a huge grin and say something like “just wait and see.” I’m expecting nothing less than waterboarding at this point.

  4. Glad to know that you’re on the downhill side. I’d urge you to go old-school with the title, though, and declare yourself a scribe or, even better, a book-man.

    So… capstone is basically your thesis? Or do you write a thesis as well?

  5. *chuckle* I was never fond of being called a clerk or a Training Specialist. As a clerk, I do more than stamp books (which where I think the term probably came from). As for the Specialist? The only thing special about me is the ability to repeat myself an infinite number of times without losing my patience. 😉

    Congrats on the downhill! And trust me, that secret handshake does come in handy in library circles.

  6. Capstone in the fall or the spring? I’ll be there this fall.

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