Posted by: Gregg | June 18, 2008

The coolest apartment ever.

I have no idea how I possibly missed this, but while scrolling through my RSS feeds I came across this article at Cinematical about how J.J. Abrams, of Alias and Lost fame, is producing a movie based on a New York Times article he read a few days ago.

The article is about a family who renovated their NYC apartment and was looking for something classic yet whimsical. Their architect hid several Da Vinci Code like clues and cyphers throughout the house (with an assist from author Jonathan Safran Foer) which led into the entire family unraveling the riddles and solving the mystery. The NY Times article – with the accompanying slideshow – is an amazing must-read.

It should make for an amazing movie, too.


  1. This could be an outstanding kids’ movie. I hope that there isn’t a push to make it gratuitously creepy or Other (“Mommy? What does ‘Moloch wants your aqueous humor” mean?”), though.

  2. Hi
    Just moved into the area, Read you blog and you might want to check out my mystery blog.

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