Posted by: Gregg | June 30, 2008

Regrets – I don’t haz them.

Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing by quitting my full-time para library gig to stay at home to raise Gav, doing the part-time evening and weekend paging thing while completing school. I love being with my son – don’t get me wrong – but sometimes I feel as if I’m missing out on the doings of the library world and that I’m sitting on the sidelines looking out onto the field when I could be in the fray.

Then I read a news report over the weekend. Back in June, an Olathe day care owner, who was running it out of her home, shook a seven-month-old baby, leaving the child injured and with brain damage. The state has shut her down and she’s currently awaiting trial.

The name of the day care was Lovable Little People, which was what caught my attention: my wife and I interviewed her back before we made our decision to go part-time. So yeah: that child with Shaken Baby Syndrome could well have been mine.

How can someone be freaked out and relieved at the same time?


  1. I hear ya loud and clear Gregg. My wife and I thought the same thing. We didn’t want our son in a place that treats him like an economic unit. Some scary things happen in this world, and if you can scrape by without having to send your kids to a daycare, than do it.

    I have to say that having my son at home is awesome. My wife might disagree šŸ™‚

    But you are to be admired, and frankly I am a little jealous.
    The library world will love having you back when you are ready.

    You are just so damn nice!

    This is my capstone.

  2. It’s all how you measure satisfaction. Every time I get yelled at by one of my twin girls because I had to itch my nose rather than keeping the never ending supply of rice cereal, I remind myself it’s better than sitting in a meeting where I may or may not have any valuable input.

    Still, I’m with you, there are some projects I’m 100% glad I’m missing out on, but I do miss out on hearing what’s coming down the pipe…and usually you can only find that out at Mecca anyway.

    To me, I just chuckle at the micro managing techniques on display. I’d rather change 10-15 diapers a day, thanks. šŸ˜‰

  3. everything in the library world comes and goes–it’s no big deal to jump in, back out, back in again later. you can’t say that for your little man’s life šŸ™‚

    i don’t know anyone who has regretted staying home or modifying their work schedule to spend time with their kids. everyone i know who went back to work full time (where ever they work) has questioned their decision…if Larry couldn’t stay home with our daughter most of the time, I would have to quit so I could.

    i actually think it can be a great asset to leave or at least slightly check out of the library world for a while and then come back later…experiences as a patron/general community member give a lot of perspective–something that is often lacking when one is steeped in library waters too long…

  4. I hear you. At this stage, I tend to bore the crap out of Sammy, and she is happier in a daycare setting. But I’m jobless and the teaching paycheck ends next month. Is she better off with Daddy working a crap job so she can play with other kids, or having a happier Daddy and playing at home more?

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