Posted by: Gregg | December 9, 2008

Slack time!

Everything’s turned in – the semester is finally over. Things I plan on doing over winter break:

1.) Reacquaint myself with Greg Rucka’s most excellent spy graphic novel series, Queen & Country, now newly rebundled in four awesome-looking softcover editions, three of which are in possession of my library.

2.) Getting back to playing Baldur’s Gate 2, a game for my PC  I bought many, many moons ago, but have never got around to actually finishing.

3.) Look for a good book on World War I from a beginner’s perspective – even though my home city has a huge memorial to it, WWI a war I know very little about and, frankly, need to educate myself on. I tried to crack Niall Ferguson’s “Pity of War” but soon realized I was way over my head. If you have any recommendations, send them along.

4.) Home improvement projects. They are legion, and will be avoided with my unearthly slacking abilities.

5.) Catch up on my Netflix queue of Dexter S2, Big Love, Freaks & Geeks, and the rerelease of SportsNight.



  1. A rerelease of SportsNight? I had no idea, but now it’s on my Amazon wishlist!

  2. There’s always “All Quiet on the Western Front” — view of the war from the trenches from a German — it’s actually my favorite book from Western Civ in college.

    The First World War by John Keegan and The First World War (Twentieth-Century Wars) by Gerard J. De Groot look like two of the highest recommended books for beginners — general overviews of World War I.

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