Posted by: Gregg | July 5, 2009

…and bring your appetites.

I don’t normally use this space to pimp out local eating establishments – there are other blogs around if you’re interested in local restaurant reviews – but for those who live and work in the Overland Park area, if you’re looking for some good local barbeque, you owe it to yourself to check out Adam’s Rib.

It’s only been open for a few months or so and occupies the space of one of those nondescript local bars that would periodically go out of business every other month. I live nearby and drive by it several times a week, so when the new sign went up I thought nothing much of it, until I saw a review of it over at KC Confidential and then ran into their booth at the local farmer’s market.

Again, I’m not much of a food critic, but I have lived in KC all my life, and I’ve sampled most of the ‘que joints the city has to offer, which gives me a leg or two on most average folks out there. I’ve got to say – Adam’s Rib is one of the best I’ve ever had. Equal to Jack Stack, at a more reasonable price, and a smaller, friendlier atmosphere. (Kiddo friendly, too, as Gavin cheerfully played with a toy that came with the kid’s meal that itself was big enough for an average-sized adult.)

The sauce is spicy with just the right amount of sweetness. The meat is tender and never dry. The beans are to die for. The slaw is merely pretty good, but the finisher is the sweet cornbread, which is so good I would cheerfully run over my own grandmother for seconds. Seriously. Try the Triple Stack or the Pacific Island Ribs and your life will not be the same again.



  1. This place sounds great! I just might have to road trip it this summer.

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